Greek Myth Round-Up #1: Wise Up!

In Greek Myth, Athena was quite the force to be reckoned with! Not only was she the Goddess of wisdom and war,¬†legend has it she fought her way out of her father Zeus’ belly as a child. She is the youngest of Zeus’¬† many children, and like some of his others was raised by Zeus’ wife, Hera.

Athena is oft-associated with the owl as both represent wisdom. She appears in Greek myth as having a helmet and chainmail on at most times. One popular legend says she was practicing archery one day and accidentally shot her friend, Pallas, fatally. From then on, she changed her name to Pallas Athena to honor his memory.

Greek Myth Athena

Fun Myth Fact:

Cronus (Crow-nuss), the father of the Olympian Gods, is often confused with Kronos (Crow-noss), the God of time.


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