Greek Myth Round-Up #2: Don’t Be A Boar

Artemis (Diana in Roman myth), is the Goddess of the Moon and of virginity, chastity, and nature. Artemis was perhaps the most fearsome of the Goddesses in Greek Myth. If anyone so much as tried to catch a glimpse of this early-age feminist bathing, she’d literally kill them by shooting arrows. Ouch! Artemis had a twin brother, Apollo, who was slightly more forgiving and was the God of Music.

Artemis’ Parents

The God of the Sky and Thunder, Mr. Zeus himself, gave birth to mighty Artemis (no wonder she was so badass!). Her mother was Leto, a Titaness (that’s Ms.Titan, thank you!) who presided over concealment and stealth. One myth about Artemis says she sent a wild boar to kill a man named Adonis because he boasted he could hunter better than the Goddess (lesson learned!).

Artemis’ Appearance

Not surprisingly, Artemis is usually seen with a bow-and-arrow in hand. A boar or other wild animal often walks by her side, and she is typically in a forest of some kind. A half-moon can often be seen overhead in the forest. Artemis is certainly one of the tougher Goddesses out there.

Greek Myth Artemis

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