Greek Myth Round-Up #6: Going Against The Grain

Demeter’s Origins

In Greek Myth, Demeter (Ceres in Roman Mythology) is the goddess of the harvest and grain. Demeter’s parents are the titans Cronus and Rhea. She is depicted as a young woman with blonde or sometimes dark hair, and often has a flower in her hair. In some pictures, she has a basket of grain in her hands. In others, birds are seen flying behind her.

Myths About Demeter

One common tale about this harvest Goddess explains why we have summer and winter. Demeter’s daughter Persephone was playing in a field one day when Hades (the God of the Underworld), kidnapped her. Persephone was then tricked into eating a Pomegranate, the fruit of the Underworld, which kept her trapped there. Demeter went into mourning, causing all the world’s crops to die and winter to begin. Demeter eventually negotiated with Hades, however, so that Persephone would return to her mother for half the year and go back to Hades for the other half. Thus, every time Persephone leaves, her mother mourns and the crops die once again. When she returns, Demeter is happy and the crops return to Earth. Cool, right?

Greek Myth Demeter

For this reason, the first bread produced each year was offered to Demeter in tribute. She is also the Goddess of Fertility, and agriculture in general.









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