Greek Myth Round-Up: Medusa

Medusa – The Myth

Medusa was thought to be half snake and half woman.  Her gaze was able to turn people to stone.  This was a very popular myth in ancient times.  Many people thought that Medusa was a god that has been punished by the great Zeus.  However, neither we’re the case.  The early men had ultimately no choice in the matter, because it was common thought to believe in Gods and Goddesses.  Just a few of the mythological folk that the common man believed in goes as follows:

As well as many others.  Nowadays people are different.  We still fight the same battles with belief and religion as they did in Roman times.  The battle in 2017 is more is more involved with the battle of Christianity vs Islam.  Unfortunately, like in the ancient times both sides think they are right.  We hope that soon this debate will be over, but that is very unlikely.  Religion can be as big of a hindrance as it can a help.

One major point to consider is the separation of government from religion.  Although this idea is rather unpopular it will definitely prevent World War 3 from happening due to disagreements over what happens after you die.  The substantial role that the pursuit of the afterlife plays in politics these days is overwhelming.  It feels like it was just yesterday when nothing really mattered.  When people were happy and the economy was growing across the world.  I personally hope we get back to those times.

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