World Myth Round-Up #1: Hammer of Judgement (Thor)


In Norse mythology, Thor is the God of storms, oak trees, thunder, lightning, and fertility. He is the son of Odin, the King of the  Gods. His name also inspired the name of Thursday, which comes from the compound of Thor’s Day.  In myth, a Shaman was said to have predicted that Thor would slay a monstrous snake during Ragnarok, the battle at the end of the world. However, the prophecy also stated that Thor would only take nine steps before the snake’s poison killed him. The prophecy is portrayed in a poem called Völuspá:

Hither there comes the son of Hlothyn [referring to Thor],The bright snake gapes to heaven above;. . . . . . . .Against the serpent goes Othin’s son.In anger smites the warder of earth,—Forth from their homes must all men flee;—Nine paces fares the son of Fjorgyn, And, slain by the serpent, fearless he sinks.”

According to a poem entitled Grimnismal, Thor resided in Thrudheim, a land whose name translates to “World of Strength.” He is said to have conquered this world by several Norse poems and sagas. Thor’s brother was the trickster God, Loki. Thor is sometimes depicted as a Prince of Troy, and therefore seen as the son of King Memnon by a woman named Troana. He may have built Asgard, which is the Nordic name for the city of Troy.

World Myth Round-Up Thor

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